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A little about Mindi and her family 🙂

Mindi is our newest artist and so many of you have loved her Lin-Manuel doodles for a while.  She doodles nonstop!  Mindi has brought so many smiles to us all with her talent and beautiful attitude that we wanted to do something extra special for her family.

Mindi & Justin live with their two kids, daughter Tatum and son Kenneth in Washington State (no, not Seattle) Mindi grew up as the sixth of eight kids in Eastern Washington. Sadly her mother tragically passed of colon cancer when Mindi was only 21 and she became pregnant with Kenny in the same year. Her and Justin started their relationship a few months after and officially married after the birth of their daughter, Tatum.

(from hubby and care-taker Justin – shared with their permission)

Both of our children provide unique challenges and joys with their places on the spectrum. While our daughter Tatum is nonverbal and challenging to communicate with, she constantly surprises us with her progress of overcoming the obstacles we take for granted. And her beautiful smile and sweet, infectious laugh are treasures we greatly love when she shares. Our adorable son Kenny may have trouble understanding directions or answering direct questions but is an excellent trickster with a wicked sense of humor. But, he really shines when he’s creating his own construction paper sets and characters. Both our kids love Pixar movies, The Simpson’s, swimming, and going to Disneyland.

(ok back to us)

Many of you have asked how a signed work of hers could be purchased so we have added an option to each of her products that directly benefits her family.

It’s a first for TeeRico and our fingers are crossed it goes well!  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  And welcome again to Mindi, Justin, Tatum & Kenny ❤️

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