Lin-Manuel Miranda's artists drive Tee-Rico merchandise site

June 12, 2016

Hey everyone and thanks for visiting!

In our first blog we'll concentrate on the true stars of our store, our first two fan artists Dominic and Stefanie!

Lin-Manuel loves and appreciates all the fan-generate artwork; everything from sketches to paintings to hats to mirrors to tee-shirts to miniature bodegas!

Dominic (@DominoDeCoco) and Stef with an F (@stefmaschave been long time fans and friends of Lin-Manuel through FB & Twitter.  Their artwork even decorates Lin-Manuel's Hamilton dressing room @ the Richard Rodgers theater!  They are positive, talented souls and proud members of the Tee-Rico family.  Neither have ever asked for anything in exchange for their work - they do it to bring joy to others - the best reason there is.  We happily changed that and they now get a portion of all products for which they are the designer.  Look our for their signatures on the tee-shirts (and soon more)!

Thanks Dom & Stef!

Check out Dominic Grijalva & Stefanie Masciandaro's profiles.

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