#goldensnicket could be in your future!
Lin-Manuel, Vanessa, Sebastian (and Tobi!) are off to spend time in London for the filming of "Mary Poppins Returns".  We will be taking you guys along via Twitter, Periscope, and lots of other ways.  Before he left, Lin-Manuel wanted to kick off something fun for you guys. 
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It is our Golden Snicket (#goldensnicket) holiday giveaway.
How it works 
Lin-Manuel has signed 50 cards & 50 magnets to be randomly included in orders (2 per day) for 50 days.  The magnet/card is signed in either gold or silver (depending on what shows better) and individually numbered.  These won’t cost extra, are 100% random, and our way of adding a little extra love for your support.  Could also be a killer holiday gift for someone special.  Odds of winning are better than Wonka's by a long shot.
Catch your #goldensnicket today (or tomorrow that's cool too)!

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