The Program

We hope you will join the only perks programs that gives you access to Lin-Manuel Miranda merchandise and memorabilia. It is easy to join, gain & redeem points, and we’ll do our best to keep it fun and light. You are all special to our TeeRico family and we promise to find ways to reward you for being there with us.

What about us TeeRicans that have support all along? Anything for us? YES – we are working out how to translate previous sales activity into a point reward bonus for you.

Already joined and want to see / use your well-earned points?  Go HERE.

2023 Update – thank you to all our Rewards Program members!
No worries this is not a breakup email.  The program is going well and will continue as long as it can.
That said, due to external websites stealing our coupon codes, we are moving to a more manual process.

Long story short:
You claim a reward (you rock!)
We’ll get a notification.
When you are ready let us know and we’ll get you a specific code super quick.

Thanks for understanding!