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Hi there! My name is Samy and I am an Art Director/Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Motion Designer/Indonesian/American/Twitterican. 

In 2010, when I was in design school, we were assigned a very informal "show-and-tell" assignment which was to bring in anything - digital or physical, design-related or not - that we found inspirational. My classmates brought in a variety of things from album covers to books to music videos. What did I bring? A YouTube link of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony speech for In The Heights from 2008. My rationale was as follows: "The passion this guy exhibits in this short clip is palpable; here he is accepting recognition for his work, and his acceptance itself is a work of art. It inspires and challenges me as a creative person to always, always be creating."

Six years later, it's still true. He continues to inspire me daily, not only with glimpses into his creative process, but with all the ideas he champions - multicultural acceptance, the importance of the arts in shaping hearts and minds, gender equality, and love and kindness, to name a few. 

I am continually amazed at Lin's generosity to fans. When I saw Hamilton at the Public, I met him afterwards and introduced myself. Before I could even ask for a photo, he offered to take a selfie and then tweeted it at me. Who does that?! I noticed he did the same for dozens of others. It still blows my mind how kind he was to do this.

Needless to say, Lin has brought joy to so many, and as a longtime fan it thrills me to no end to see how, since Hamilton, his light has spread beyond Broadway and throughout the world. I am so honored to be able to be a small part of spreading that light by designing these shirts for TeeRico.

As long as you buy 'em...l'chaim! 

Hello Teericans! My name is KJ, and I’m a graphic designer freshly graduated from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. I’m 22 years old. My greatest love is illustration, and I am both amused and incredibly grateful that moving a pen around on paper until it turns into a Thing hasn’t lost any of its appeal after all these years. How fortunate that I got to make a career out of it! I’m currently living in DC with my pet snake, Biscuit, designing graphics and exhibits for museums. It’s nice here, but I miss Wawa.

Hamilton was my intro to Lin’s work. I had always been into history and hip-hop, so when I first heard about the then-recently-released cast album (hey, isn’t this that guy who performed at the White House and got a song about Alexander Hamilton stuck in my head for like two weeks?) I promptly fell in love with it. Since then I’ve acquainted myself with the rest of his work—not only has it helped me grow as a (visual) storyteller, but Lin’s ambition and spirit serve as a constant reminder to throw my heart into my creations and keep going, even when I might feel ready to give up.

Not only that, but the community of artists, writers, musicians, and overall creative fans surrounding LMM’s work is nothing short of incredible. The fact that I’ve been able to interact with such a dedicated and fiery group of people is just as inspiring to me as the material that brought us all together, and I’ll always be thankful for the connections and friendships that have come out of it. 

I’m so excited and honored to be able to contribute some of my designs to Teerico, and I look forward to whatever is brewing for the future of this project. I can’t wait. Onward!

If you’d be interested in collaborating on a project, commissioning some art, or you just took a really cute picture of your dog that you want me to see (highly encouraged), feel free to contact me at kjdabundo@gmail.com.

Hello everyone! My name is Vivian Chen. I’m a 23 year old pre-physical therapy student from California (student in the East Bay, college at UC Davis, originally from So-Cal). I wish I had some grand artistic journey story to share but honestly I’m just a photographer who doodles once every few years. The majority of my life is dedicated to being a student and volunteering. My main opportunities to be “artsy” have been the occasional photo shoot and using my limited Photoshop skills to make graphics for whatever organization I’m currently volunteering for.  I fell in love with Broadway after seeing the 2013 Tony Award Opening but at the time I didn’t realize how much of an impact Lin-Manuel Miranda would have on my life. Fast forward to November of 2015, I finally listened to Hamilton and it took less than 4 minutes before I was a pile of adrenaline-fueled tears. Hamilton came into my life right when I needed it. My post-graduate existential crisis was in full swing and Hamilton was the only thing that gave me relief from my own thoughts.

From there my admiration for Lin-Manuel’s work took off and everything he does/has done inspires me to keep pushing forward. I’m also extremely grateful for the little tweets he sends out every day. On a particularly low week, I woke up to the tweet, “Imagine how you want to feel at the end of the day. Start working towards that now.” It was a simple idea that stuck, and it sparked me to search for a career I could truly be passionate about, instead of waiting for it to come to me.

As a thank you to Lin-Manuel and as a motivation to myself on this new career path, I created a little graphic compiling some of my favorite tweets. It was just meant to be a fun project and I’m so happy it turned into such an amazing opportunity.  I also hope to eventually contribute my photography passions in some way. Beyond that, I’m just your run-of-the-mill pre-health student. I may not be able to draw but I can tell you where you can find stratified squamous epithelium cells and why they’re important. 

I hope to find the time (and ability) to contribute more to Teerico in the future. In the meantime, I’d be honored to have you check out my photo journal on my Tumblr/website: www.vivianchen.co.vu

Hey! My name is Dominic, and as a designer I like to think of myself as a visual storyteller. I am 24 years old.

I came into contact with Lin over the years on Twitter, throwing replies to his tweets whenever I thought of something clever or interesting. After a while I was fortunate enough to form a friendship with him - thanks, Internet!

Back in December, I created this piece inspired by Hamilton called the Dueler Eye Chart, which was based on the eye charts that you see whenever you make a trip to your family optometrist. It basically was a piece symbolizing the focus and concentration that is required to make your mark in this world - just as Alexander (and now Lin-Manuel) have. It was a joy to make and send in to the cast, and I was overjoyed to find that they loved it. It’s how I landed this gig. It now serves as a personal reminder of what passion and focus can do.


Ever since I saw In the Heights perform at the Tony Awards, I have been a very devoted fan of LMM’s work and spirit. It has remained one of my very favorite shows, and I have even had the opportunity to direct a local production in Selma, California, my hometown. That being said, the designs I have contributed to Tee-Rico all are inspired by Heights. Each piece is inspired by lyrics, moments, and/or dialogue carefully plucked from the script and presented in a way that is modern, bold, and passionate. I want you to look at these designs and feel at home. This is why some of them have been distressed. They look worn, as if you’ve had them for years, but still fresh! They’re a love letter to this piece that means so very much to me. I hope you enjoy them. 

If you would like to get in touch with me for commissions or collaborations, you can find all of my work and info on dominicgrijalva.com, or email me at domgrijalva@gmail.com.

No pare! Sigue! Sigue!

- Dom

Hello world! My name is Stef Masciandaro and I just came here to drink coffee and pet dogs, and I'm all out of coffee. I'm 23 years old and graduate of the School of Visual Arts Class of 2015, born, raised, and still marinating on Long Island, NY. Currently starring in a one-woman production I like to call freelance illustration! Acts include commuting to Brooklyn to assist in a silkscreen studio, commuting to Manhattan to work in my own silkscreen studio (aka "SVA facilities"), and commuting from my bed to my desk chair and spending a long day with Photoshop and my Wacom. After I graduated and got "play every single Kingdom Hearts game you missed" out of my system I slowly began to pick up work as a cover artist, and so many doors have opened since. Look around, look around! (you know the words.)

I listened to Hamilton for the first time in October and was hooked instantly...harassed everyone I knew into giving it a try. That very same week my grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and the next few months of my life were a tailspin, but the Hamilton soundtrack was always there to ground me. My best friend and I picked out a rainy December day to try the lotto for the first time in our lives, and against all odds, we won. In all that sadness I was able to pick myself up by saying "Hey, we saw Hamilton!" I knew I needed to do something to thank the cast and crew. So I did what I knew I could and made a poster, and silkscreened a hundred of them and dropped them off at the theater. My grandmother passed away only a few days later, and it felt like someone hit the pause button on my life for a while...But when Lin-Manuel reached out to thank me for the posters I knew she was watching out for me, and everything that followed is all the proof I need.

Thank you.

While Hamilton was my first encounter with Lin's work, I got to spend all this time catching up on everything else! In the Heights particularly resonated with me for reasons listed above, but my other personal favorite is one of his SadSadConversation videos. "We must face the day! In the concrete jungle! Where dreams are made of...something!" Quotes like that have served as the inspiration for my designs. Lin always has kind words to say, and I know they brighten up many people's day. To be able to create artwork based on them for others to wear and share is a wonderful experience!

I've been able to engage in one cool project after another since getting involved with Lin-Manuel's work. From creating cool posters and shirt designs to taking part in collaborative projects like Arielle Jovellanos' Ham4Pamphlet, I know I've found a wonderful community of artists I hope to continue to grow with.

If you got a cool job or idea in mind you think might be up my alley, feel free to email me any time at stefmasciandaro@gmail.com.

Hi all - my name is Jessica and I’ve been making art in one way or another all of my life.  I am 58 years old (gasp) and a native New Yorker.

I have lived many lives in this lifetime.  I jumped into a full-time art career when I became a decorative painter while on an extended maternity leave from my job as an attorney in a Wall Street law firm.  How’s that for crazy transitions?  My attorney “life” followed years of acting, singing and dancing after graduating in 1976 (another gasp) from the “Fame” school - the High School of Performing Arts. Turned out that my acting training was good preparation for the law!  So it’s been quite a ride.

I first heard of Lin-Manuel when my family saw “In the Heights.”  My daughter, then nine, became obsessed with the soundtrack, and we all listened to it non-stop.  We had the surreal moment of watching Samy rap the opening to LMM himself on his birthday in 2011, when we were in Atlanta for the first premiere of “Bring it On;” our family friend Elena Ricardo was in the ensemble.  His grace and kindness to our then ten year old daughter made a deep impression.

Since then, we have followed and supported LMM’s work and kindred spirit.  My husband is Puerto Rican, my father is an American history buff, my daughters and I are musical theater junkies, and we are dedicated to community service. We regularly volunteer in Guatemala through From Houses to Homes.  I donate 20% of my income to this wonderful, grass-roots organization, and my art is inspired by the beautiful spirit of the Mayan people, the vivid, brilliant colors of their clothing, and the natural beauty of Guatemala.

The day after the Tony awards, I was devastated by the Orlando shootings, and had to create art around it.  Lin’s beautiful words fit perfectly, and within a day, I was caught up in this wonderful TeeRico world where I could channel my sadness into something positive.

Everyday has the potential to be the greatest day of your life.

Spear Torres

Instagram @speartorres

Facebook Spear Torres

Website www.speartorres.com

Whats good??, Tee Ricans my name is Pedro "Spear” Torres. I’m a multidisciplinary artist from Puerto Rico.

I left the island and moved to Worcester, MA, as a teenager. It was there that I started getting deeply involved with Hip Hop and started actively pursuing this art "vaina/stuff" doing graffitti, street art, murals, graphic design and eemcing. I feel very humble and blessed, that today I’m able to continue my passion and commitment to the arts traveling across the world designing and painting large scale murals for different projects and street art festivals.

I first heard about Lin Manuel in a series of freestyle/rap cyphers with hip hop's hardest working band The Roots. I was like... who's this “dope” MC" trading bars with Black Thought.

This Boricua can spit for real. It really connected, his flow, word play and socially aware lyrical content where truly engaging. In addition to our Caribbean background, and love for hip hop, we also share this Tee-Culture. I started digging more for Lin-Manuel and from there I was of course led to Hamilton. I was really honored when the Art Museum of Puerto Rico suggested me as the artist to work the designs for Hamilton Puerto Rico. If you like to contact me, check my work, or for commissions hit me up at deleses@gmail.com or @speartorres Instagram.

Interested in becoming a TeeRico artist?
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Marina Voigt

Instagram @marinav_art

Website marina_v.artstation.com

Hey! My name is Marina Voigt, I’m a 22 year old illustrator and character designer from Brazil.

I’m passionate about musical theatre, history, books and art; so it’s no wonder that Hamilton became my favorite musical the minute I played the album for the first time! A year later I got to see Hamilton in London and it was a dream come true, I will always cherish the moment I got to walk on the stage after the performance, I can never thank the cast enough for it! 

Since then I try to bring the love and dedication that Lin has for his projects to my art. My dream is to design characters, especially for musical theatre, I love telling stories through my art and inspiring others to go after their dreams, even if they sound just as impossible as a musical about a founding father.

I’m honored to be able to create art for Teerico and to be a part of this amazing team of artists! Rise up, eyes up, wise up!

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