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Worldwide shipping expectations dates.  
Orders placed before 12/6 are safe for Christmas anywhere in the world.  Shipping domestically takes 3-5 days.
For future weeks - to arrive by 12/23-12/24:
EMEA, AUS, NWZ - December 7th
Canada, Mexico, Caribbean  - December 8th
USA - December 19th
Full breakdown can be found here.

We want to hear from you and will respond quickly.

Please use the correct email address to get you to the right person without delays.  

Order questions should be emailed to orders@teerico.com

Interested artists should email artists@teerico.com

Other questions should be directed to crespo@teerico.com (do not send order or artist emails here - your response will be delayed)

Thank you!

Mailing address:

TeeRico, LLC

5030 Broadway

Suite 807

NY, NY 10034