1st Lin-Manuel Fafillion Magnet Collection! (10 in total)

At long last your first set of magnets are here!  

Put them on your fridge, locker, desk, car, and any place where magnets like to hang out.

First set designs include:

“Fly This Flag” 3X4in

"Hamlet, Red Smoke and Castle Door" 3X4in

"Love Cannot be Killed"  by Samy Simorangkir @silentmacaroni 3X3in

"Love is Love" (front and back) by Jessica Sporn @JessicaSporn 3.5X2.5in

"One Foot in Front of the Other" by Stef Masciandaro   3.5X2.5in

"Piragua" by Dominic Grijalva @DominoDeCoco 3.5X2.5in

"You are perfectly cast.  Go Play."  by Stef Masciandaro  3.5X2.5in

Lin-Manuel Handwritten "Love is Love" Sonnet 5X7in

Thank you!

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Type: Magnets

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