Lin-Manuel Fafillion Magnet Collection!


At long last your first set of magnets are here!  That first pic is the inside of Lin-Manuel's door all loaded up.

Put them on your fridge, locker, desk, car, and any place where magnets like to hang out.

First set designs include:

"#bitofaday" (grey matter and pink rush) 3.5X2.5in

"You are perfectly cast.  Go Play."  by Stef Masciandaro  3.5X2.5in

"Love Squared"  by Samy Simorangkir @silentmacaroni 3X3in

"Love is Love" (front and back) by Jessica Sporn @JessicaSporn 3.5X2.5in

"NONSTOP" (Black Smoke & Pink Rush) by Vivian Chen @vfchen 3X3in

"One Foot in Front of the Other" by Stef Masciandaro   3.5X2.5in

"Piragua" by Dominic Grijalva @DominoDeCoco 3.5X2.5in

"What we got is Love" (Red & Yellow) by Korina Dabundo @birdloaves 3X3in

 Thank you!


Type: Magnets